Welcome to WA

West Australia is the Mother of Invention because, well, it's made of small towns with few and far between.

So it seems... but there is more to this state than meets the eye. This blog aims to locate and educate, so get to know your state well!


Yesterday my (rather wonderful) partner surprised me with a trip to this beautiful private gallery for my birthday and let me pick out my favourite painting. It was so hard to choose from such a beautiful collection!

Anna Kanaris and Arthur Clarke established Artitja Fine Art in 2004, inspired by a love of the art and a deep respect for ancient Australian Aboriginal culture and tradition. Their aim is to connect cultures through the art. Quality Aboriginal art is not just beautiful, it provides insights into Indigenous stories and Tjurrkupa (dreamings). Within Australia and internationally, the art plays an important role as a medium for connection between very different cultures.

Artitja Fine Art specialises in Australian Aboriginal Art from remote and regional communities primarily in the central and western deserts and is a signatory to the Australian Indigenous Art Code of Conduct.

Artworks from Artitja Fine Art have been purchased for inclusion into distinguished private and public art collections such as the Holmes a Court collection, The Stokes collection, Western Australian Museum, National Gallery of Victoria and other highly regarded collections.

Here are my favourites, including the piece which will soon be hanging on my wall!

View other artworks here: http://www.artitja.com.au/

Caitlin x