Welcome to WA

West Australia is the Mother of Invention because, well, it's made of small towns with few and far between.

So it seems... but there is more to this state than meets the eye. This blog aims to locate and educate, so get to know your state well!

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16-20 year old Perth people

  • omg i'm moving to melbourne
  • moves to melbourne
  • moves back after a few months because they realise living out of home means working and they don't actually get to sit around at coffee shops all day and write poetry

Only 2484kms to go @resisttheflow #travelling #portaugusta #satowa #perth


Only 2484kms to go @resisttheflow #travelling #portaugusta #satowa #perth


Apparently Missing Link Records, my favourite Melbourne record store, closed today. So very sad. I’m going to try and hold on to Dada and 78’s as long as I possibly can. I’ll be devastated when they close their doors for the last time. 

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