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Newspaper Prints ‘World Is Fukt’ On Front Page

One of Australia’s most prestigious newspapers, the Financial Review, has printed an error-strewn edition.

The front page included dummy headlines, empty space, “three lines to come here”, Gallipoli misspelt (twice) and the subhead ‘World Is Fukt’. The hashtag #worldisfukt was soon trending.

The headline referred to yesterday’s announcement that Australia’s government is buying 58 Joint Strike Fighters at a cost of $24bn. Australian Financial Review Editor Michael Stutchbury apologised to readers in Western Australia, where the edition was accidentally sent to press.

Stutchbury told Mumbrella: “The WA edition is the result of a simple error that got through normal quality control and then ended up with an extremely bad result.”

“The first thing I want to do is to apologise to Western Australian readers of The Australian Financial Review for the obviously unacceptable state of the front page of their paper this morning. It is an extreme one-off and we are going through our processes to make sure it does not happen again.”

Yeah don’t write like 14 year olds!


#perth u getting #better at the #streetart #graffiti thing


#perth u getting #better at the #streetart #graffiti thing


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