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West Australia is the Mother of Invention because, well, it's made of small towns with few and far between.

So it seems... but there is more to this state than meets the eye. This blog aims to locate and educate, so get to know your state well!

yok, sheryo, theyok, deansunshine


yok, sheryo, theyok, deansunshine


I don’t think people realise how uneventful Perth really is.

A few years ago there was supposed to be a cyclone, but it never came near us, and I remember reading this headline in the paper that said ‘You know you live in a boring city when even the cyclones get cancelled’

And I just –


The Raw Kitchen


16 April 2014

Who could have expected that I would blog about the Raw Kitchen?! Yes, I knew the food was vego but it’s one of my friend’s fav spots. I honestly can’t say that I understood the concept and expected “raw” to mean unprocessed, not uncooked…


For the ignorant types like me who…


Frightened Rabbit - Keep Yourself Warm -Laneway Festival, Fremantle 8th April 2014-